About Me

Six years after a premature retirement in 2004, Geoff Huegill finds himself once again on the winning podium. Established as one of the worlds greatest ever butterfliers, Geoff went from hero to zero and in the process had gained 50kgs to tip the scales at almost 140kg’s.

Geoff decided that enough was enough and put a 2 year plan together to not only look after his health but to also swim for Australia again and in the process, was able to capture the hearts of all Australians by winning numerous medals at the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games and also the 2011 World Championships in Shanghai.

Skippy’s story is that of a true Aussie battler fighting his way back to international, elite level swimming and becoming an inspiring role model in his “comeback” quest.

Now he’s rewritten the history books and taken a place in the Australian psyche as a true iconic Australian who battled against the odds and proved triumphant.

Today, Geoff is an Athlete-Entrepreneur and co-director of many companies, and he’s positioned himself within the ranks of the business and corporate world, humanitarian ambassadorships, civic-minded projects, and undertaking socially responsible community outreach initiatives.

CG 2010